COVID-19 Piano Protocols

> Piano Lessons - Live! 

A Brief Intro.


Like you (I'm sure)... for me , the Covid-19 pandemic has been shocking, disruptive and at times traumatic.  I'm blessed for those of you who have invested in my 'Distance blues, boogie & soul-jazz piano tuition' via Skype & Zoom, producing great creative work! And this will certainly continue apace!

However, I am now pleased to offer piano lessons/skills enhancement sessions live - me coming to you, or you to me! To this end, I have collated my Covid-19 Piano Protocols package to reassure clients and ensure maximum health & safety regulations compliance

If this interests you, please read on. These measures are constantly being revised, but, if you have any queries, please  just get in touch.

Many thanks, and I hope to see you soon!

Daniel Smith

> Daniel Smith's COVID-19 Piano Protocols package!

Professional Bodies' Advice.

The Covid-19 Piano Protocols package utilises best practice recommendations for PRIVATE PIANO TEACHING as collated from:-

The Musicians' Union; The NHS; SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies); WHO (World Health Organisation); & UK Government ( 

Daniel has condensed his 'live' piano-tuition delivery into 10 'portocols-points', as follows:-

Piano-Tuition Protocol Points.

1) Daniel is fully Covid-vaccinated and asks that adult tutees/clients be ikewise.

2) The tuition piano/keyboard & 2 stools should be disinfectant-cleaned & dried with diposable cloths, before and after any session.

3) Both Daniel and Tutee/Client to wash hands before & after session.

4) The 'tuition-room' should be ventillated during the session.

5) Both Daniel and Tutee/Client will wear face-masks.

6) Social-distancing of 1m minimum will always be adhered to. Each party to have own stool to facilitate this during 'swap-places demonstrations'.

7) No interaction with 3rd parties/'objects' - hence; sorry! No hospitality, tea, biscuits etc! DS & Tutee/Client to provide own refreshment as desired.

8) There will be no exhange of sheet music, physical notes, nor contact with any item not beloning to that 'owner' (apart from the piano/keyboard in use for the session!) This may include laptops, mobile phones, video cameras, stationery etc.

Consolidation can be via the Tutee/Client video-ing Daniel's demonstrations, and/or Daniel's post-session feedback in electronic document/audios format.

9) Payment for any session to be made electronically, as agreed with Daniel. No cash.

10) Daniel takes Rapid LFD Tests twice-weekly, has results available to any Tutee/Client.

In Summary...

- Please get in touch with Daniel for any questions or queries about any aspect of his Covid-19 Piano Protocols package!

- Much more detail about actual tuition session content is found in the TUITION section.

- 'Let's get playing with confidence, freedom and security!'